About Us

Majestic Property was established after the director's experience working in the overseas property market. In the UK and especially abroad, there was a recurring theme of dissatisfaction with the reliability, performance and cost of estate agents. After several years of research, Majestic Property launched, with the sole aim of offering clients a chance to advertise their properties to a global audience, across all the most well - established online property portals, for a single, affordable monthly fee.

The internet is by far the most used method of finding a property nowadays, with over 90% of potential buyers considering it their first port of call. Through our massive online marketing network, which reaches an enormous number of buyer searches every month, properties aren'€™t just advertised instantly, but the reach is far greater.

How does it work?

You send us property details and photos, and we put them on our website. We then use our network to feed these photos out to all the main property portals, guaranteeing far greater exposure than if you paid one portal individually.

Once an enquiry has been made through one of our portals, we put buyer and seller in touch, and leave them to go over all the necessary details and negotiate privately. This way, you avoid extra fees on top and can negotiate and arrange time frames that suit you - not an estate agent.

We advertise on a huge range of sites, including:

What does it cost?

We charge 29 Euros per month for our clients to use our services. This is payable monthly until the property is sold. This is by far the most cost-effective method of advertising available to prospective sellers, with each individual site charging between £25 and £300 each for advertising or, in the case of Zoopla, there being no option for individual advertising.